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Zoey Writers are your extended authoring team that’ll understand your technical business inside-out and do all the legwork to craft crisp, professional pieces of content.

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Looking for technical writers that can nail your technical requirements and present information in an easy-to-read way? Zoey Writers will do precisely that.


At Zoey Writers, we have multi-talented professionals under a single roof. You get professional technical writing services that connects you to your target audience. No more hassles looking for the cream of the crop.


Our team first takes time to understand your requirements to the last full-stop. We then use our writing skills to deliver a high-quality piece of content. Expect every piece to skyrocket engagement and conversions through the roof.



What You Get


Zoey crafts a wide range of technical pieces of content:


1. Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) Documents


Technical companies need to inform their employees on how to perform a duty. The writing has to be clear and concise- no room for any confusion or mistake. 


Zoey Writers write SOPs that surpass your standards. Every sentence in every SOP helps staff to know what needs to be done and when. 


2. Instructional Manuals Writing


True to its name, an instructional manual helps users to understand how to use your product. This document is crucial as it boosts your customer’s safety and the product’s efficiency. 


Professional instructional manuals are crucial if you manufacture and sell a product, machine, or equipment. Any mistake may lead to heavy losses and risks. 


At Zoey Writers, we carefully study the product to ensure every step of the procedure is covered. 


3. Application Programming Interface (API) Documentation


Do you offer programming-related services? You need to create APIs to facilitate service sharing and integration of your APIs to users’ own programs. 


Clear guidelines make the process a breeze. It enhances seamless use of the APIs functionalities and error-corrects any issue immediately.


At Zoey Writers, we are not just a team of writers. Some of us are experienced programmers too. They have academic knowledge and skills in computer science, programming, software engineering, and other technical niches. 


So trust us to bring exceptional technical skills needed to hack the documentation. 


4. White Papers


Educate your clients on how your product can help them solve their pain points. Let them see you as a caring thought-leader in your industry, and you’ll earn their trust for life. 


That’s where whitepaper gains importance. An educated reader is more likely to become an actual customer. So use this asset to propel your marketing strategies to greater heights. 


A white paper is also an excellent lead generation tactic. You see, every knowledge-hungry visitor on your website will grab the whitepaper carrot dangling in front of them. Be sure to ask them their email addresses before they download the juicy bait. The strategy is a win-win approach- They get your content-rich whitepaper, and you get their contacts for future retargeting.


But be sure the white paper delivers gold if you want to hear from your potential clients again. 


That’s where Zoey Writers come in. Let’s help you craft a well-researched whitepaper that dives deeper into a topic. Our team gathers and presents logical arguments and facts that skyrockets conversion rates. 


5. Case Studies


Maybe you’re surprised why case studies earned a spot on this list. These assets are a powerful part of your marketing arsenal.


A technical case study is an in-depth analysis of a client’s project that used your product. It’s a story of how your customers approached you, their past situation, and the issues they needed you to solve.


Let’s help you tell this story. We will describe how you identified your client’s challenge and implemented your solutions. We will conclude with how your solution worked magic to improve the client’s situation. 


Facts speak deeper. So our team will help you paint the results and success with nothing but facts.


6. Release Notes


Whenever you release your software products, you need to enlighten users on crucial issues and corrections. You do that through release notes.


These documents talk about the software and how to take care of potential technical issues. All your associates, customers, and end-users need to have a copy.



Why Our Clients Trust Us


Technical writing is hard. It needs more than crafting words. The writer must identify target groups, deeply understand your product, be socially active, and have excellent organizational skills. 


Finding this top-in-class writer isn’t a walk in the park. That’s why when clients finally find us, they don’t look further. 


We are that team that:


1. Laser-Targets Your Target Audience


Zoey Writers take time to know your target audience and how you can better speak to their pain points. We understand that your success is in the language. 


Use too much jargon to non-techy people, and they’ll leave your website in a huff. 


Use too shallow language (that only scratch the surface) to tech gurus, and they’ll frown at your expertise. 


Zoey Writers aims at injecting just the right tone to every technical writing at hand. 


2. Deals With the Subject-Matter Experts (SMEs) like a Pro


When performing your case study, consulting SMEs is a task you can’t escape. These are the custodians of some of the most crucial information you need. 

Now, these SMEs are humans. They may have mood swings and decide to mistreat you. The result is loss of energy, time, and cost pile-ups. 

Leave them to us. Rest assured that we will dismantle that mood-swing barrier, get the correct information, and write facts-filled technical content.


3. Understand Your Product Inside-Out 


Your hunt for technical writers that know their trade stops here. As pointed out earlier, Zoey Writers has professionals who are masters in the technical fields. 


We also take time to know the ins and outs of your specific product. So expect benefit-rich content that entices readers to try your product.


4. Organizes Everything to Its Rightful Place


Internet attention is narrowing. Present haphazard, messy content to your website visitors, and they’ll hit that X on the tab as fast as they arrived. 


Let’s help you avoid high bounce rates and boost your conversions. 


We understand that technical writing is highly demanding. So our writers adopt a stepwise approach when crafting the content. The result is an organized, logical, easy-to-follow flow of words. 


5. Socially Active


Sure, Zoey Writers are writing and technical nerds. But we aren’t a boringly studious bunch that lacks social skills. 


Our social skills help us talk genuinely with developers, programmers, designers, SMEs, customers, and other possible target groups. 


If you aren’t good at social skills, don’t panic. We will save you that embarrassment and get the wheel rolling seamlessly. 


6. Excels in Writing Skills


After the fieldwork and research, our writers put everything down in clear writing. We know how to phrase words that convert. 



No grammatical mistakes. No plagiarism. No weird sentence structures. No BS. 


We have the writers, tools, and editors that will ensure every sentence delivers a punch. 



How We Do Our Thing


1. Map Out the Journey


“If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.” This age-old mantra has a special spot in our team. 


Whether you need a few simple pieces of content or (heaven forbid) thousands of documents, we will embark on your project with a rock-solid plan.


Here are what we plan:

  • Audience: Your target readers, their education levels, and jargons-endurance levels
  • The scope: Number of the document, their main characteristics, and publication formats.
  • Timing: Review cycles and final deadlines
  • Process: High-level steps to follow during the content creation journey
  • Subject Matter Experts: Identify people that have the technical information that we need.
  • Current news, style guide, templates, etc


2. Structure the Document


Zoey Writers will then draft the backbone of your document. We brainstorm on the best headings and subheadings that turn heads. From the first word to the last full-stop, the content will flow in logical order. 


But we don’t force a straightjacket structure to technical writing. Our writers know that things can evolve as the actual writing and review process proceeds.


Here are some of our best technical-writing structures:

  • Narrative flow: The traditional flow of intro, body, and conclusion
  • Processed-based Structure: Common in user guides, procedures, and other technical documentation. 
  • Library Flow: Loosely structured collection of articles under one topic. 
  • System-based flow: Describe every component of a system. Auto manuals follow this flow.


3. Write 


Here is where our professionals clothe the bare-bones notes with real meat and sinuses. The result is a draft that’s ready for review. 


Actual writing takes just 20-30% of the whole thing. Much of our work goes into planning, structuring, and reviewing. And that’s what separates excellent from bad content.


We employ time-honored and latest techniques in our technical writing work:

  • Plain English
  • Inverted pyramid
  • Active voice
  • KISS (keep it simple, stupid)
  • Verb-noun structure
  • The Ws and H (Who, What, When, Why, and How) 


4. Editing and Reviewing


The polishing stage is very critical. Multiple pairs of eyes will formally review the content to ensure we have not missed out anything. Our editors will then ruthlessly edit and proof the text to ensure it’s grammatically correct.


Here’s what goes on at this “trial by fire” step:

  • Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) review the content
  • Zoey team work with you to test instruction or procedure to ensure it can be followed
  • Other writers peer review the document
  • Zoey editors edit and proofread the content mercilessly

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