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Great search engine optimization starts with great SEO writing. Reach your target audience, generate high-quality leads, and beat the competition with the best SEO Writing Services.

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Just create content, they said. It will be easy, they said.


Now, a great marketing strategy, well-developed website, and excellent content later…


Just optimize your content for search engines, they are saying.


It will be easy, they keep saying.


But just like before, it is not easy, or is it? How are you supposed to base your content around a couple of words? And which words are these to begin with? 


How are you supposed to know and keep up with the ever changing industry trends and search engine updates? And how are you supposed to do all that and still beat the competition while making sure you’re not penalized by search engines?


That is where we come in.


As Zoey Writers, we answer questions that your target audience are asking, making it easier for them to find you.


How Does SEO work?


When a user types a word or a combination of words in the search engine and clicks on “search”, the search engine looks for web pages and content with those exact words or close matches. These results are displayed on the results page based on how useful they are likely to be to that user.


Well-researched and well-written SEO content is directed towards a certain audience. Depending on its quality, if the user belongs to this target audience, it shows up higher on the first results page.


How Soon Can You Expect to See the Results from an SEO Campaign?


It’s not possible to definitively say how long it’ll take to see results as every campaign is different and the objectives vary. However, in 4-6 months, you should have started seeing the results.


“Results” here could mean a variety of things but in general, it’s an increase in traffic and leads.


One thing is for sure though; the results should grow over time. At no point should they start reducing without reaching the peak. If they do, it’s an indication that there is something wrong with your strategy/campaign.


The SEO writing services that Zoey Writers provide will help your business in a number of ways, including:


Trample Your Competition


Today, it is near impossible to find a successful business that doesn't use SEO in one way or another. That means your most worthy competitors are using it too.


To keep up with - and ideally, beat - them, you need to hire professional SEO writing services to expose you to the enormous potential of SEO. The more you invest on these services, the higher your content ranks on SERPs.


And since the first page of Google absorbsover 90% of the traffic, you definitely have to work hard to be there, especially since it is most likely filled with your competitors.


Moreso, the higher you rank, the more credible and trustworthy your business appears.


Improve the Quality of Your Leads


Who do you think is more likely to take action: a potential customer who you cold-called, or one who came across your content after searching for something specific?


The answer is clear as day.


SEO is customer-centric. That is, you do not show up to your audience uninvited, whether they want to see or listen to you or not. Instead, you make it easier for customers to find you when looking for answers or solutions to questions or problems related to what you are offering. 


Users who are searching for solutions or answers are more often than not considering making the purchase. The higher the quality of your leads, the higher the likelihood that potential customers will purchase your products and services.


If you work with expert SEO writing services that we are offering at Zoey Writers, your target audience will easily find you, and they can easily be turned into spending customers.


Save Money


The only other way to appear at the top of search engine results apart from SEO is pay per click (PPC). There are two reasons why PPC is quite inferior to SEO. The first reason is that organic results receive way more clicks. Even though PPC results appear above organic search results, online surfers tend to take organic search results more seriously.


The second reason is that PPC ads are quite expensive relative to SEO. For PPC, you need to pay a certain amount of money every time your content is clicked. 


A top SEO writing service, such as Zoey Writers, will save you money by directing organic traffic to your website for months or years after publishing it. After the initial investment, you won't need to make any more investments to keep the traffic coming. We will even update and improve your content based on industry trends, ensuring that your content never leaves the first page.


Why Zoey Writers?


Although you can undertake some basic SEO practices and tasks in-house, the best way to go about it is to hire a specialist. There are plenty of SEO writers out there, but you don’t need just anybody. You need a specialist who What makes us stand out from other SEO Writing Services?


1. High-Quality, Original Content


It is not just about fixing a number of keywords into shallow content and hoping for the best; it is also about making sure the content is of high quality, the keywords aren't overstuffed and fit naturally, and everything is in line with the latest changes and updates in search engine algorithm as well as industry trends.


Our professional team consists of consultants, strategists, and writers that work together to ensure that every aspect is spot on whatever content you want us to create for you.


We deeply research your topics, keywords, and industry trends to ensure your content solves your targets’ problems and answers their questions originally for it to stand out and rank higher.


2. We Have Knowledgeable SEO Experts


SEO, as a whole, is quite intensive and technical. For your efforts and investment to be consistently successful, you need to work with a qualified and highly experienced SEO writing team such as Zoey Writers.


To ensure that you meet your SEO objectives, our team is composed of experienced consultants and certified SEO experts, and strategists. We leverage industry leading tools and services to find potential and up-and-coming SEO opportunities so you will never fall behind your competition.


3. All In One


Once you choose to work with Zoey Writers, you won't need to work with any other company for other SEO related services. We deal with all SEO-related content services.


On top of SEO copywriting and editing, we also offer other content writing services, including:

  • Article Writing Services

  • Blog Writing Services

  • White Paper Writing Services

  • Ebook Writing Services

  • Technical Writing Services

  • Product Descriptions

  • Case Studies Writing Services


Why hire different SEO writing services for each objective while you can conveniently work with us?


4. We Edit and Proofread Your Content To Perfection


Judging by the quality of our writers, this goes without saying. But since we understand how detrimental slight mistakes are to achieving the goals of a well-curated SEO strategy, we have to assure you that your content will be free of any grammatical errors.


5. We Don't Just DIp Our Toes... We Take Deep Dives In


We do not stop at creating well-optimized content for your website. We also regularly check for new opportunities and regularly improve your website and its content. If there are any changes in industry trends or algorithm updates, we make sure your page is ahead of them so your updated content remains on the first page for as long as possible.


On top of that, we will regularly analyze and report on various metrics to understand how the campaign is doing. Key performance metrics such as traffic volume, bounce rates, time spent on site, and conversions will let you and our team know what is working and what isn’t so we can constantly improve the results.


How Do We Go About It?


1. You Contact Us


The first thing after you have decided to work with us is to reach out and tell us more about what SEO content you want us to create for you. At this step, you answer questions such as what topic you are focusing on, what your target customer is, and what keywords (if any) you want us to focus on.


2. We Research Your Keywords


Based on your objectives, pain points, and expectations, we perform an in-depth industry, competitor, and keyword analysis to build a plan and create a strong foundation for your SEO strategy.


3. We Develop A Strategy


We don’t just dive in. Instead, our team formulates a content plan by identifying the primary, secondary, and tertiary keywords to use in your content. Based on your objectives, industry trends and algorithm updates, we come up with a strategy that will effectively pass your message to your target audience.


By doing this, we will have established a clear direction that we are going to take, and we can start writing your content.


4. We Create And Optimize Your Content


Our writers create your content based on your brand “voice” to ensure consistency. In this step, the writers work with SEO specialists to incorporate the best and latest SEO practices into your content.


On completion, your content is taken through a series of edits and proofreading to ensure no mistakes were made. The final piece we deliver to you is unique, original, and digestible.


5. You Review The Content


Once we deliver your well-optimized content, you take your time and review it. Is it what you expected? It in line with your marketing goals? Is there something you would like us to change?


We are confident it will meet all your expectations. However, if it doesn't and you want us to change a thing or two, you just send it back with the instructions and we make the desired changes.



Hire Quality SEO Writing Services Today


For such an intensive undertaking with such a huge potential, it would be best that you leave it to an expert with years of experience. If you decide to do it yourself, you will have to divert your time, energy, and resources from actually doing your business.


What’s more, unless you have been doing it for a while and have a team at your disposal, there is no guarantee it is going to be successful. That is why you need to work with experts with a proven track record.


As you may see, Zoey writers have all your SEO writing needs covered. It doesn’t matter what your business and website are dedicated to – we can guarantee timely assistance coupled with a professional approach. Our experienced SEO writers will deliver high-quality content following SEO requirements to promote your website.


If you are ready to start enjoying the benefits of a successful SEO campaign, don’t hesitate to talk to us. We will be happy to help your business attain its objectives with our precise SEO writing services.


Contact us today.

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