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We craft the best product descriptions on the web, and have good fun while we’re at it. 0% fluff. 100% value. 

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Your Products Leave Customers Dazzled and Mesmerized. Let their Copy Do the Same. 


Your products solve a common problem. Provide a much-needed reprieve. Give people the warm fuzzies. They're innovative, eye-catching, and delightful—but without copy to match, they're just items on a (digital) shelf.


Maybe your product descriptions lack verve, your Amazon product bullets are devoid of life, or you just don't have the manpower to meet constant demand and quick turnaround times. 


This should not be your burden to bear. After all, everyone knows that:

  • Well-written, SEO-optimized product descriptions bounce with uniqueness and oomph, bringing in organic traffic in a way no copy can—even in just 50 words
  • Benefits-oriented, feature-rich product bullets provide prompt inspiration, subtly nudging prospective customers towards an eventual purchase.
  • Vivid, elaborate Amazon descriptions motivate customers to add carts to their carts, removing any shred of doubt in their minds about an offering.

To solve this dilemma—and swiftly move your goods—consider hiring a product description writer. Zoey has a ton of them.


Put Zoey in Your Cart and Walk Home with the Deal of Your Life


With buying desire awoken, everything is bound to flow smoothly. With all the right words weaved in, consumers will be itching to click, click…and, buy! Count on Zoey's product description services to make your products accessible, desirable, and top-of-mind.  


Rather than flatly highlight features (booo-ring), we paint up your product in 3D, thoroughly explaining how it makes life simple or beautiful—or both.


Rather than succinctly state what your product is, our product description writing merges your brand story with what you sell. With it, your customers will literally hear your enchanting voice in the background, assuredly urging them to complete the purchase. 


It doesn't matter if your products require the brushstrokes of technical specificity, creative imagination, or SEO prowess. It doesn't even matter if they're high-minded, high-performance, or high-end. Zoey can help them sell.


It all starts with a call.



Stand Out from Other Sellers Online, Because You Deserve It


Have you been copy-pasting other sellers' product descriptions? Uh-oh, you're in trouble. Haven't you heard how Google feels about duplicate content? (Hint: nothing but irk and disgust)


That's why it's incredibly important to have a uniquely crafted description for every product. Zoey can make your product stand out by:

  • Taking the time to understand the category of the product and platform (Think: Amazon, eBay, Alibaba) for which it's listed on.
  • Striking the perfect balance between storytelling and facts
  • Delivering plagiarism-free content that keeps the bold, unforgiving Google spiders at bay
  • Crafting SEO-friendly copy that gets you noticed by customers, instantly


Ultimately, our product description writers will create a truly distinctive copy that won't be like any other on the web. 100% unique. 100% crowd-pulling. 100% awesome.


Feel like we’re a match for your brand?



Frequently Asked Questions about Our Product Description Services


1. What do you mean by product descriptions?


A product description is a marketing copy that explains what a product is and why it's worth purchasing. It encompasses details, features, usage instructions, as well as the product's benefits. And it serves one key purpose: to connect deeply with customers and shepherd them toward a purchase.


2. What should be the ideal word count for a product description?


As long as a product description explains the main features of a given product, its benefits, and gives a succinct overview, it's good to go—regardless of the word count. That said, anything between 50-300 words is fine.


3. What is the turnaround time (TAT) for product descriptions?


Order completion times vary depending on the number of product descriptions ordered. Any order with a quantity of 50 or less will be completed within 3 business days. Yup, we're just as fast as we're effective (we'd be honored if you called us The Flash, wink).


4. How do you go about creating the ideal product description?


When writing a product description, our writers think from the buyers' perspective—what they've been looking for, what makes them stare at the ceiling at night, and how they would respond to your product. It helps them craft content that sells.


5. Do I own the content once I buy it?


Yes, without a doubt. Once we deliver your product description, you immediately assume full rights over its publication and use. We can't reuse the same copy-- unless you wanna reward us with that byline.


6. Do my eCommerce products really need descriptions?


Of course! Descriptions are as important to eCommerce products as milk is to cereal or fuel is to cars. How else will customers learn of your product's awesomeness if they can't catch a glimpse of the actual value it holds? The natural way that people read online is by scanning and reading keywords, with a quick glance at overall page copy and benefits. Without a pithy, glance-worthy, SEO-friendly copy, your products will never receive the spotlight they deserve.


7. How do I receive my completed order?


We can deliver product descriptions in a variety of formats—including Google Dcocuments, CSV, PDF, HTML, and Microsoft Word. Take your pick.


8. Can you really create a description for any product? 


Absolutely! We start at the usual place: with information. We take time to uncover what there's to know about your precious invention. Next, we dive into our own nifty research—and we won't slow down until we're honorary experts in your industry. 


9. How will you learn about our products? They're really technical.


There's technical for "halfwits," and then there's technical for technicians. We've written for both—and everything in between. How?

  • We build a solid technical foundation for every piece we tackle
  • We ask questions—and not just any questions, smart ones
  • We've done this many times than we can count


10. Our product descriptions could really use a revamp. Can you handle that?


Yes, you bet your bottom dollar we can! We love, love, love to take on existing product descriptions and breathe new life into them. It's what makes us truly Zoetic.


11. How do you drive results?


We never, ever compromise. Your consumers are feeling, thinking, acting humans, and we make them grin with the pleasure of being understood. Every single product description we churn out for you will reflect our adeptness in portraying and manipulating human emotion.  


Yes, We Deliver Quickly. But Your Business Will Never Be Just a Number to Us


Zoey is not your average write-it-fast, sell-it-cheap content writing agency. We understand the importance of brand personality, quality, and consistency when it comes to the written word, which is why we craft every copy as if it were our own—with tact, tenderness, and dexterity. 

Unlike other content suppliers, we actually take the time to understand your unique brand voice. Then, with great care and the thrill of discovery, we channel that voice into every little piece of description we bang out. 

In the end, what you get is a humanized (not ho-hum), substantive (not fluffy) copy. A product description that engages where it should—and offers persuasion and value in equal measure. What's more, we make it fun to work with us—gaining specific insights that connect with customers, exploring what makes your sales funnel tick, and finding exciting ways to make your ROI soar.

Sounds like something you’d be interested in?


Make Your Customers Reach Through the Screen. Hire Zoey Today


Far more than explain, articulate, and delight, well-crafted product descriptions (eventually) lead to filled shopping carts and well-populated doorsteps. 


It's all 100% achievable, in the right hands.


Zoey’s product description writing services are guaranteed to leave your audience virtually peeling open your packaging, feeling the gloriousness of your offering in their hands, and scrambling to smash the BUY NOW button.


When you decide to retain us, you'll enjoy working with a dedicated team. Bound by a fierce sense of ownership, accountability, and commitment to improvement, we delight in producing quality product descriptions that purge customers' feelings at every turn and put them in the buying mood. Effortlessly.


Ready to publish descriptions that stand out?


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