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About Zoey writers

Zoey Refers to the Principle of Life in the Spirit.

The Short

Take a deep breath.



A bit more.


Notice something? You've been breathing… on automatic. And that's our mission here at Zoey-- to simulate the breathing process and bring your content into life.

We not only have the ability to weave masterful tales…

We have a superpower: invigorating your content by tapping into the experiences, triumphs, and challenges of your audience.

Your business has a story to tell and we have the words. Let us help you find the spark that ignites your story and create content that compels your readers to take the action you want.

The Long

At the core, Zoey is a love story.

It's about a small team of writers that fell in love with writing and decided to do it for a living.

A team that fell in love with it's (our) clients that we committed ourselves to helping them achieve their goals.

A team that generally loves people (spell your audience) so much that we dedicate ourselves to providing them with valuable, engaging, and lively content that helps them make right decisions.

And the more we put love first, the more we like what we do, the more our clients find value in us, and the more connected we are with what we create.

How about you too become part of our love story?

Why Zoey ?

Quality and Engaging Content

Excellence is a language.

It’s familiar but exotic.

Simple but challenging.

Like a language you used to know but can’t quite recall it...

But your clients understand this language immediately when they see it.

That’s why we don’t promise you 10,000 leads by tomorrow (that’d be great tho’)-- but we can promise you one thing: “You and your audience will love what we create.”

Written for Humans, Loved by Google

We've evolved past writing the boring, "keyword-focused" content to writing inspirational and valuable work that represents your company's best self.

Of course we know how to please the Google gods but there's more than that. Your content has to be engaging, actionable and equally entertaining.

Creative Minds with Passionate Hearts

We bring in the perfect combination of creativity, passion and curiosity to the craft. We write the words that make your audience feel, think, nod in agreement and ideally take a step closer to the buy now button.

We know how to engage their hearts and minds, and make them feel all warm and fuzzy about your business.


It doesn’t matter if you sell fluffy toys to dog lovers or high-tech software to the government. Trust us to craft the words that persuade your customers to fall in love with your brand and take the action you want.

Our Approach

Grow Your Business With Our Content Agency Line

Zoey is a one-stop shop for all your content marketing needs. We connect you with quality writers who work to present your dream and vision and propose your product as a solution to client pain points.


We work with clients who need their value proposition presented in a compelling manner to customers (B2B), other clients (B2C), and search engine algorithms (SEO).


Anybody who makes it to our FAQ page is probably our customer(winks).


We create lead generation, educational, thought leadership, and brand awareness content. We’ll help you write blogs, whitepapers, newsletters, outlines, brand guidelines, and your social media content.

There are a few things that go well together: Macaroni and cheese, ice cream and sprinkles, competitive rates and a great copywriter… you get the point. 


We charge a starting rate of $0.13 per word for all types of content.




Our stack of full-time writers can deliver quality at any time and within any deadline. We’re the guys you call when things are looking impossible.


Yes, you probably have a very talented in-house team capable of handling your work.

However, Zoey exposes you to a broader choice of multifaceted talent covering multiple niches and specializations. We also save you the headache of running an in-house team.


Having a technical industry is furthermore a reason to let our writers at Zoey handle your work.


Technical writing requires experience and precision, and with Zoey, you can rest assured you’re not compromising on quality.




Your clients are our clients, and we are well aware that our business model depends entirely on the contentment and satisfaction of your clients.


However, the quality we deliver is motivated entirely by the passion and love we have for writing.


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Meet the leadership. Line

About thumbnail one
Victor Kananda
CEO And Founder

Leadership is not something we do, it’s about who we are-- and we are glad to have the privilege of serving you and the team at Zoey.

Describe Victor in 3 Words?

Passionate. Creative. Vibrant.

What is Zoey to Victor?

Zoey is a brainchild we’ve built to bring our collective destinies together through content marketing.

How Does Victor Spend A Saturday Evening?

Outside his obsession with content marketing, Victor has a passion for swimming, reading books and spending time with God.

Why Does Everybody Need A Bit Of Victor in Their Lives?

Victor is independent and creative– everyone needs someone who’s always on the lookout for the magic and meaning to everyday life.

About thumbnail one
Ian Bore
COO and Co-Founder

Describe Ian in 3 Words?

Creative. Intelligent. Adventurous.

What is Zoey to Ian?

Zoey is a chance to grow. It means exposure to our clients’ perspectives, passions, dreams and visions.

How Does Ian Spend A Saturday Evening?

When Ian isn’t editing a page, he spends his time at the gym or at the cinema.

Why Does Everybody Need A Bit Of Ian in Their Lives?

Ian is intuitive and introspective. Everybody needs a guy who spends nights awake thinking of possibilities and how to bring them to life.