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Let Us Enrich Your Website with the Articles Your Clients Need

In today's world, everything you need is just a click away. A person seeking a product or service is most likely to start by searching online. If your website is among those they land on, you are one step closer to finding a new client.


That websites are very effective marketing tools is a fact. You have to maximize on it to reap the full benefits. While writing your website content might seem enticing due to the lower cost, you need an expert on SEO optimization and quality content to drive traffic to your website and boost your SERP ranking. That expert is us, Zoey Writers!


What is Website Content


The name says it all. Website content refers to web copies uploaded to websites belonging to a business, organization, or individual. Whereas some serve as marketing tools, others are solely informative.


How Website Content Benefits You


Quality website content:


  • Educates search engines about your website, thereby improving its ranking

After someone enters a relevant query, a search engine that knows your website will bring it up. Google recommends several ways of helping it find your website, including linking all pages on your website to other findable pages. 


  • Provides an opportunity for internal links


When potential clients click on anchor words with an internal link, the browser directs them to another page within your website. The other page may have more details on what the client is looking for, another related product, or a way to contact you. Internal links, therefore, make the customer experience simpler.


  • Increases the visibility of your business


Having the right keywords in place and SEO optimization will drive more traffic to your website. Thus, more and more people will get to know about your business and product. 


  • Positive marketing ROI


A website is a digital marketing tool. Quality content convinces the customer to buy from you. 82% of digital marketers with active blogs experience increases in ROI from inbound marketing. 


  • Improves your brand image and trustworthiness


A website provides a platform to write web copies that educate the public about topics surrounding your business. The content displays your expertise in the area, which convinces potential clients to trust you. 

Apart from business, you can post about any community projects you help. That improves your brand's image and likeability.


  • Extends your backlink profile


Backlinks direct people in other websites to yours. An expanded backlink profile boosts your position on organic search rankings. Organic searches generate 33% of search traffic. 

Other benefits include increased referral traffic, better visibility, and you get to build cordial symbiotic relations with other websites.


How We Create Award-Worthy Website Content


When the quality of your website content is questionable, it is bound to fail in serving its purpose. Although the average reader is not an expert on the tenets of a quality piece, they will find a good quality web copy easy and fun to read, all while containing the information they seek.


At Zoey Writers, experience has taught us that two components add up to writing a good quality piece. They are a well-done preparation and the actual writing.




Preparation is essential to good writing. It entails:


  • Knowing your audience


Researching your audience is an essential step to undertake before we begin your writing. Why is this so? 

Your audience will determine the type of language we are going to use. For instance, if your audience is people in the medical field, we will incorporate medical jargon in your writing.


Suppose we use medical terminology while your audience is people without medical training? (p.s. this is purely hypothetical and will never happen). In that case, the complexity of the language will chase them away, as will be shown by a high bounce rate.

The audience also determines the tone. If your target is companies or businesses, it is best to use a formal tone. When the target is ordinary people, using a friendly, entertaining voice will capture their attention and keep them reading.

Lastly, your audience's location, age, and affiliations will determine how we put your message across and the examples, quotes, or anecdotes we will use. An example is when selling a product to people living in the tropics; using an example or story with snow will be unrelatable.


  • Providing information that your audience needs


Digital marketing is the way to go. But unlike billboards, you do not just fill your page with 'buy me' tags below a larger-than-life picture of your product. 

The more effective method is to provide the potential customer with any information they may need. The person will see your website brought up whenever they type in a search query, familiarizing themselves with your product. 

An example is if you sell baby clothes, you know new mothers have lots of questions about raising babies, and their first stop will be the internet. Having several web copies on topics like keeping your baby warm, washing a baby, etc., will increase your visibility among new mothers.


  • Determining the goals you aim to achieve through your writing


Is the purpose of your website to sell a product, bring in traffic, or for informative purposes? 


  • Learning from others


We research how outliers in your field or competitors succeeded in their digital marketing endeavors. Subsequently, we may borrow a thing or two to incorporate into your strategy.


Writing your Page Copy

The page copy is the flesh of your website. Below are our not-so-secret tips to writing a readable quality piece:


  • Give your article a catchy title


The H1 and your web copy's meta description are what the reader previews before they settle on one website. As such, we make your H1 as competitive as possible without click-baiting. 

A competitive H1 is creative, entails what the copy page is about, and contains 20-70 characters. The H1 is so vital that a good one improves your SERP ranking and increases organic traffic. 


  • Have a captivating introduction 


A good introduction is short and sweet. Most people will not read past a weak one. We always put our best foot forward in terms of creativity in the introduction.


  • Page content


The page content is the information provided on the copy page. Moz ranks page content as the most crucial ranking factor for SEO.  


Good content is that which fulfills its purpose to the fullest. For instance, if the website content is supposed to increase awareness of water pollution, it should answer the following questions: what is water pollution? What problems does it cause? What is the extent of water pollution currently, and what are the projections? Who are the main contributors? How can we solve it? 


Other factors contribute to a well-written piece:

  • Correct grammar
  • Use of active voice
  • Use of short, simple sentences
  • Use of simple words that all can understand


  • Incorporate the right keywords. 


Keywords are those words a client is most likely to enter as their search query. 


There are two types of keywords. Singular keywords are unclear as they may point to a plethora of things. For example, when one types in 'school,’ they may be looking for a school to teach, attend, courses offered in schools, etc. 


Long-tail keywords are more distinct. An example is 'fashion schools in New York.' 


We add keywords to your H1, meta description, the page's URL, and in one subheading for best results. Keywords help to classify your data into lists containing other data with similar attributes.


We use only one keyword or phrase on each page of your website to avoid keyword cannibalization. When keyword cannibalization happens, two or more web copies qualify for the same search engine query. That will result in internal competition among your web copies.


  • Avoid plagiarism


Passing someone else's work as your own or not crediting them is wrong and unethical. Resultantly, we do not condone any form of plagiarism. 

Google penalizes websites that plagiarize by withdrawing them from search engine results


  • Hyperlink to other websites


Hyperlinking to other sources avails the materials in those sources to the reader. They, therefore, get all the information they need. 

Hyperlinking to other pages on your website increases your click rates. Nevertheless, we only hyperlink pertinent information. Also, we keep the number of links logical. Our sweet spot at Zoey Writers ranges between 3-6 links but varies according to the length of your web copy.


How to Gauge the Performance of your Website


When you know where you are, you can chart the right path forward. 


Traffic analytic tools help to determine the performance of your website. They detail the number of visits, by who, and dwell time.


Below are some metrics to measure your website's performance:


Bounce Rate


Getting a user to click on your website is one thing. Getting them to stay and perform the desired action is another. The desired activities include clicking on other links within the website, registering with their email address, or buying your product. 


Calculating your bounce rate helps you know how many people enter your website then leave without performing the desired action. The ideal bounce rate ranges from 25% to 40%. 


What causes a high bounce rate? Technical issues like your page may be taking too long to load.  Others are deceptive titles and low-quality content. The buck of having an appropriate title and quality writing stops with the writer.


Conversion Rate


Unlike bounce rate, this metric calculates the number of people who performed a desirable action. A satisfactory conversion rate is between 2%-5% but is highly variable depending on your industry.


At Zoey writers, we have expert writers who know the right keywords for you, where to place them, how to improve your SERP ranking and how to bring organic traffic to your website. Struggle no more; our writers will handle it all! 


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