Case Study Writing Service

Want to tell powerful client stories with case studies? Learn how Zoey’s case study writing services can help you do it. We’re quick, easy to work with and we deliver.

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Let’s help You tell Your customer’s story


77% of B2B buyers cite case studies as the most influential content they consume before buying decisions. We can help you influence your target clients by telling your existing customers’ stories.


Creating case studies is not as easy as it looks. That’s why you need a team that creates case studies for a living.


Zoey Writers: The team that Captures the Real Story


You already know that case studies sell. That’s why you are looking for case studies writing services. If you need a team that:

  • Gets all the juicy (sellable) details from your customers
  • Emphasizes the benefits
  • Makes your product shine in every situation
  • Ties back each customer’s story to the pain points of your target customers
  • Makes case study writing a breeze


Then we are a perfect match. Zoey Writers specializes in creating long-form and short-form case studies for a wide variety of niches. Technology, SaaS, Digital Marketing, and Healthcare are our primary niches.


However, if your needs fall outside these niches, hit us up. We still have the chops to make your product or service look exceptional, no matter your industry.


The Process


1. We Formulate a Strategy


First, we discover your clients and help you determine the stories that will benefit your brand most. Next, we uncover what you hope to achieve with the case study (this helps us research and structure interview questions).


The strategy formulation stage is more of a get to know your business step. Overall, it helps us strike the goals you hoped to reach by telling your client’s story.


2. You Make the Introduction


After the strategy formulation phase, you’ll proceed to make an introduction. We then schedule an interview with your client and set the ball rolling on case study writing. Even if the process is hands-free, you will never be in the dark. Zoey Writers CCs you on all communication, and you get constant updates at every milestone we hit.


3. Research and Interview


If all interview schedules are set, we proceed to get your side of the story. We might ask: when you started working with the client, the kind of services you offered, any feedback they gave, and your intentions with this particular case study. 


We also dive into additional research on your client to understand their industry and their goals better. Finally, we jump into an interview with the client. Interviews usually take 30-45 minutes at most. You will get the recording, a transcript, and the highlights of the interview.


4. Start Creating the Case Study


You receive the first draft within 4-5 business days after the interview. The first draft helps you determine whether we have captured the essence of the case study and give feedback on what needs tweaking. We then handle revisions from your and your client’s end. And finally, you receive the final copy of the case study as a google doc.


A Team That Honors You and Your Client’s Time


Everyone is busy, and we always try to take as little time as possible. Over the years, we have streamlined our process to produce case studies faster without sacrificing quality. 


Our team knows the kind of questions to ask so that interviews take less time. Not only this, but we carry out our interviews in ways that make clients feel respected and appreciated.


Hands-Free Case Study Writing Service


No more awkward interviews or tedious lengths of time writing copy. Zoey Writers handles it all for you. Just introduce us to the client, and we will take it from there. You won’t have to feel overwhelmed with so many other parts of your business. We can tell your customer’s stories in the most efficient and dazzling narrative.


Recurrent Assets for Your Brand


Case studies are a long-term win for your brand. You can use them in your onboarding process, sales pitch, and as social proof. You could also convert them to blog posts or turn them into a video.


We write case studies in ways that make it easy to use the same piece recurrently to boost awareness and drive leads. And the most important part? Not even your competitors can replicate your customer’s story because only your brand gave clients the desired results.


Original, Engaging, and Fact-based  Case Studies 


Zoey Writers presents each case study as an interesting story that captivates your audience from the first line. We use hard facts from the interview with clients to build credibility and show impact. 


Our case studies are data-packed claims told in the form of a story.


Case Study Formats


Whether you want long-form or short-form case studies, Zoey Writers has you covered.


Slide Deck Case Studies


These are powerpoint-slide style case studies that highlight your products’ impact on customers. The case study is presented in a slide deck, highlighting the prominent aspects such as the challenge, the solution, and the impact. The word count ranges between 250 and 500 words.


Narrative Case Studies


These are long-form case studies. They are perfect for high-value or extremely technical products. The narrative case study can also work if you wish to showcase results garnered over a long period. 


Narrative case studies will include multiple quotes from a client. In essence, this case study tells a client’s story in their own words. The Word count averages 1500 words but can be more for technical subjects.


Snapshot Case Studies


They are snappy, quick to scan, and tie the problem solved, result, and client’s current status into a quick version. It includes an introduction, description of the client, the challenge, solution, impact, and a call to action. A snapshot case study will consist of 2-5 client quotes spread through the content. Snapshot case studies average 300-700 words.


Fuel Your Brand’s Growth with Case Studies


Empower Your Outbound Sales Team by helping them infuse customer stories into:


  • Pitch decks
  • Paid ads
  • Email outreach (warm and cold email prospecting)


Make more of inbound marketing by helping create:


Lead magnets


You can win more customers by offering case studies as exclusive content available only to subscribers. If it shows customers how your products make a difference in their business, they probably want to know how.


Onboarding Content


Case studies are a unique aspect to add to your onboarding process. They help new customers see how they can put your products to use. 


Authority Content

A case study is one primary way of building authority in your industry. You can share the case study on your blog, as a guest post, or on a platform such as Linkedin.


Use for Content Upgrades


Case studies have more reuses than most content formats. You could transform a case study into a video, a social media post, or a podcast episode. You’ll never run out of content ideas with case studies at hand.


Inspire your Internal Teams


Want to inspire your team? Case studies coming right through for you. Seeing how your team helps change a client’s business is one way to empower and enable your team.


Educate Your Product Developers


Case studies are the perfect medium to reach inside your client’s mind. They reveal what your customers liked best, and therefore, an easy way to help product developers learn which features sell the most and which need a little tweaking.


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