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Goodbye, lifeless content. Hello, engaging, actionable, value-packed copy. We are Zoey, and giving content a burst of life is what we do best.

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Pitch-Perfect, SEO-Optimized Copy Every Single Time


Rise above the online glut of mediocrity with high-quality content that amuses and activates, captures and clarifies, entertains and educates in equal measure.


Gain a team that understands your voice, tone, style, strategy, industry, and target audience—you’ll swear they’re in-house.


Scale as needed, knowing that your copy will always be timeless and optimal for ROI.


Brands and marketers: Say hello to Zoey, your new "in-house" content writing team.


Our writing puts humans first, no matter the industry in question. We replace the struggle of "what to say, and how to say it" with crispness, urgency, and relevance.



Your Dream Copy Is Right In Front of You


Here's the thing. Not everyone can create engaging, SEO-optimized, big-ROI-driving content.


But Zoey can.


We can create…

  • Site copy that your prospects feel with every inch of their hair, because you're describing them to a tee
  • Pages that proudly live up to what you deliver, what you stand for, and what you believe in
  • Words that ignite your visitors with a verbal lightning rod that jolts them (gently) into a new reality—your reality


Whoever your target audience is, we can write to them. Even if they're actually many people in one, like an ischemic four-headed monster, with purple hair and knobby toenails. Uh-oh.


What We Do


Think of any type of written content that the online audience consumes—Zoey can craft it. We're that versatile.


1. Blog articles


Blogs bring readers, but most lose them immediately. Quality counts, so you have to rise above the din. Zoey can help.


Our team of professional writers creates blog articles that transform brands into industry leaders. Your story, in your voice, with a squeaky-clean copy that gets your audience buzzing in delight.


When it comes to your blog, one copy every few weeks doesn't cut it. You need a steady stream of fresh articles to keep your readers really interested and engaged. 


We'll assign you a dedicated blog writer who'll get to understand the peculiarities of your industry and competitive scope. They'll then get down to work, nimbly weaving in your voice, style, and SEO requirements in every copy they churn out.   


2. Website Content


It goes without saying, but we'll say it anyway: your website's content is the window through which your target audience views your brand. If there's one place you need to bring forth your content marketing A-game, it's here.


Our writers have the repertoire of skills to craft website content that fits right in. 


Professional content for the about page? Check.


Emotion-eliciting language for the mission/value pages? Check.


Descriptive, persuasive voice for the product landing page? Double-check.


We can do it all. Now the ball is in your court.


3. Copywriting


Copywriting is that crucial element that makes your audience warm and all fuzzy about your brand.


Whether it's an ad copy, a marketing material, or a presentation sales pitch, our copywriting services run the gamut. All you have to do is ask.


4. Industry-Specific Copy


Tell us your industry, and we'll create content specifically tailored to it—complete with the bells and whistles to make it more "human".




AI. Machine learning. Big data. The future is in your hands at this very moment. Let us turn your well-ideated vision into crisp, long-lasting benefits.




Hospitality is an ever-evolving field, and staking your claim within can be tricky at best. Zoey can help.




With a boatload of legalese and a slew of state-specific regulations, the field of law presents a worthy challenge. It's one we're invariably pleased to write about—and we'd love to tell you why.




The public needs to know about your clinic, ideals, and medical expertise. Let us put a word out for you, with neither fuss nor complication.

Not represented here? We work with overlapping industries. Just ask.


5. Ebooks & Whitepapers


Want juicy long-form pieces of content that get downloaded, read, shared, and acted upon? We're experts at those.


What Makes Us the Best?


Today's consumers are better informed, they have more choices, and more than ever, they want to build lasting relationships with brands that inspire and engage them.


Our content writing services are designed to help innovative, data-driven brands build inspirational copy that cuts through the noise and resonates across platforms. 


We know that a piece of content can't be engaging unless it's woven with mastery, nimbleness, and a drop of tenderness. That's why we've pulled together a small team of deft (but humble) content writers who are storytellers at heart. 


We craft your content the way we'd write a best-seller novel. Give us a brief, and we'll give you a narrative that your audience will find impossible to forget, a story that tells who you are, what you do, and how you do it different from the rest. 


Using SEO best practices and targeted in-depth research, we craft pitch-perfect content that:

  • Tells your brand's story in your own voice, tone, and style
  • Sends leads trooping into your marketing funnel in droves
  • Nurtures your brand relationship towards an eventual conversion
  • Tugs at your visitors' heartstrings, pulls them in, and keeps them coming back for more
  • Gives your digital marketing strategy a total facelift
  • Increases your online visibility, search ranking, and search traffic


Zoey at Work: Our Results-Driven Content Writing Process


It starts with a simple question: "What's your story?"


We then unpack who you are, what you do, and what makes your brand different.


Once we have this information, we set out to make the perfect knitter-sweater copy for your brand. 


We know that for us to create engaging, SEO-focused, ROI-oriented content that speaks to your audience, we have to be dexterous about research. And that's exactly what we do. We dig. We cast the net far and wide. We scour every corner of the internet for industry insights, quotes, statistics, and anything else that'll give your content credibility. 


But we don't stop there.


Based on the insights that we've gathered and in line with your brand story and tone of voice, we create the first draft, then the second, then the third…until we feel the copy is fine and dandy. 


Need a rewrite to make sure everything sings? We'll do it, as many times as you want.


Need to pluck out a couple of words or add a few pizzazz? Say no more. That's our forte.


Our stance on content writing is simple: if it doesn't make you grin from ear to ear, it's not worth a buck.


Every Word Counts, Make the Most of Your Copy


If your content strategy is still based on fixed word counts, rigid briefs, and intricate, fluff-filled writing, it's time for a course correction.


Your readers don't have time. They've got businesses to run, pets to feed, and flights to catch. Your content should be concise and punchy enough to cater to their time concerns.


Our content writing services are led by professional writers who understand that every word, every sentence counts. That's why we take time to find the material that glitters in every task we take on. 


In content writing, as in gold mining, there's no shortcut to success. Sometimes, one must move thousands of tons of earth to find a few ounces of gold. Like the proverbial gold miners, Zoey Writers know what it takes to find the rich vein of gold in content writing. We can do the legwork for you, consistently.


In the years that we've been in the industry, we've developed an eye for the excess. We've mastered the art of trimming the fat—the unwanted material that prevents a blog, a landing page, or a guest post from being truly valuable.   


It doesn't matter if we write 5,000 words and scrap 2,500 of them. It doesn't matter how many times we have to write and rewrite to get it right. Our goal is to find that one sentence that glitters, the one paragraph that gets your reader in the gut.


At the end of it all, we send in targeted, from-the-heart content that resonates with your target audience, that provides unique value, and that comes from a place of true belief and passion.


In the Relentless Pursuit of Excellence


Have you ever noticed this phenomenon?


The most famous and beloved teams. The best apps, enterprises, and publications. Soccer players. Movies with a 9 on IMDb. Top-rated universities. These champions have gained their statuses from their unrelenting dedication towards excellence. Greatness. Superiority. And because of this, they have the capacity to outshine and outpace the rest.


That's true for content writing as well—and true at Zoey, where each member of our dedicated, whip-smart team is held to the highest standards of accountability, improvement, and…yes, excellence. We're committed to hitting the mark and delivering gold, every single time—no matter how shadow-boxed and complex the audience, how sophisticated the subject matter, how peculiar the industry. We can help you reach the very pinnacle of your digital marketing goals, one copy at a time.


Enough about us—tell us about you.

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