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White papers are exceptionally powerful when it comes to promoting your brand. Strengthen your brand, gain a competitive edge, and achieve your marketing goals with high-quality white papers

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It is one thing to know how to create blogs, articles, social media posts, and formal emails, and a whole different thing to know how to create a high-quality white paper.


See for the others, there aren’t many rules to follow. You can use your fourth grade memory and intuition and come up with average quality content (please don’t).


But for white papers, things are not as simple. There are specific formatting guidelines, they need to be well-researched, must have certain things such as an introduction or executive summary, and need to be at least five pages long. No matter how good your intuition and general knowledge is, there is absolutely no way you can bluff yourself through five pages.


Also, for the others, you can get away with a couple of grammatical errors and misstated facts (please don’t). But white papers need to stand up to academic and industry scrutiny. A single error could render the whole thing useless to a lot of people.


That is why we, as experts, should handle it for you. 


Do you really Need White Papers for Your Business?


Yes, you do. White papers are very effective in generating qualified leads, building a mailing list, and building thought leadership among other functions. We are yet to meet any successful company that overlooks the importance of these three functions of white papers.


While other forms of content marketing, such as blogs and social media marketing, work as well, almost all companies and businesses use them in one form or the other.


As such, even though they might push you closer to your marketing objectives, that field is pretty much full. Unless you have a completely unique selling point, you might have to put in an amount of work that won't justify the output if you are to succeed using these forms only. All your direct and indirect competitors use them.


So, to secure yourself a unique position in your industry, you need a very powerful but less used form to achieve your business objectives. That is why we recommend white papers.


Should You Outsource or WRite White Papers Yourself?


Just because you or your writers have experience creating blogs and writing official letters doesn't mean you are automatically qualified to write white papers. White papers are completely different from all other types of content. 


Here are a few reasons why it is better to outsource than to take it on yourself.

  • White papers have their own formatting conventions. Structuring them wrongly has the same effect as using incorrect grammar or spelling. You come across as untrustworthy and unprofessional.
  • It requires deep research into the topic and this may take up too much time and resources. It is best that you leave it to someone else while you focus on the other important aspects of your business.
  • A well-chosen professional has years of experience writing white papers. They know all the industry trends and other tips and tricks to get people to find and download your paper. Every word you present to the public needs to be carefully chosen to achieve your objectives.


Here is how leaving it to us will benefit your business:


Generate More Leads and Build a Mailing List


A white paper is an extremely valuable source of leads. When customers come across a white paper when looking for a solution or an answer to a problem, they are more likely to register for and hand over personal information such as their email to get access to the paper.


If your white paper is well-written and integrated into your whole marketing strategy, you can collect as much information as you deem necessary. A lead capture form to capture reader information on your white paper landing page is all you need.


What's more, if your white paper is well optimized for SEO, it will rank higher in SERPs. And because they have high conversion rates, well-written white papers could be your most powerful marketing tool.


Build Your Brand and Establish Thought Leadership


Instead of crafting your white paper with the primary objecting of generating more leads, its primary objective can be to build your brand and establish thought leadership.


This is not to say that if the objective is to strengthen your brand it won't generate more leads. No, it will still do it, though indirectly. However, instead of ending the white paper with a call to action, we will write a short description that covers the basics of your business and what you are working towards.


This displays your expertise and credentials in your field and gets people to trust your brand.


Gain a Competitive Edge


In this day and age, it is safe to assume that all your worthy competitors have a content marketing strategy. Nonetheless, it is less likely that they create white papers. 


A survey by AlterraGroup ranked white papers as fifth in the most used content marketing vehicles. For such a powerful marketing vehicle, it is severely underused.


That said, for your business to appear on the map, an expertly crafted white paper will set you apart from all your competitors. It needs to be original and really get into the details of the problem and its solutions for it to work.


Increase Engagement


Most content marketing vehicles such as blogs, social media, and infographics do not require any action on the readers’ part. The content only gets their attention, and try to sell them something at the end.



White papers, on the other hand, often require the reader to download them to read the entire thing. This deliberate action of downloading causes them to subconsciously make an investment in your business.


But in order to get them to download, everything they see on the paper, from the title to the introduction, should have just enough information, presented in the best possible way for them to want more.


Why You Should Consider Our White Paper Writing Services


1. Our Content is 100% Original


Without going into consequences such as destroying the very brand image you are trying to build, it is downright bad business to hand you unoriginal content. Once you trust us to help you achieve your marketing objectives, we won't let you down.


All our content is completely original. On top of double-checking your content with a powerful plagiarism checker, we will properly cite all the sources in case you or your audience wants to conduct further research.


2. Our Expert Writers Will Deliver the Highest Quality Content


It doesn't take just any writer to craft a clear, detailed, fluent, and effectively informative white paper. The writers need to be of high quality, have the right experience, and need to be rigorously vetted before they can start on your paper.


Zoey Writers possess a special set of skills that uniquely qualify them to handle any type of industry research and all types of white papers. Whatever you have in mind, our expert writers will create it for you. Whatever your objective, our writers will help you achieve it.


3. Well Optimized Content for Search Engines


There are tens of results for whatever topic you are writing about. What good is a well-written white paper if no one is going to find it unless they stumble upon it by mistake?


In our white paper writing team, we have experienced Search Engine Optimization experts. On top of the high quality that your white paper will possess, these experts will research and organically infuse it with words that readers are most likely to type in the search bar while looking to solve the problem that your white paper focuses on.


By doing this, your whitepaper will be among the top results, if not the first, ensuring that this powerful marketing tool pushes you closer to attaining your marketing and business objectives.


4. Proofread and Edited to Perfection


Spelling mistakes, punctuation, and poor grammar make you seem unprofessional and undermine your brand’s expertise and sense of authority. Even the slightest error could make your readers take you less seriously.


We won't let this happen to you. We will double-check and triple-check if the need arises to ensure all the spelling, punctuation, and grammar are correct. You can trust us with your content.


5. Zero Jargon


We understand that not all your readers have the same expertise as  you. Very few of them have the time and will to stop reading every few minutes to look up a word or further explanation on a topic.


That is why no matter how complex the topic is we will find a way to simplify it for your readers. We will use the right “voice” and words to pass the message to them no matter your industry or type of business.


How It Works


In just four steps, you will have a very powerful marketing tool


Step 1: Contact Us


The first step is to call or email us with the basics of your project. Do you want just one or more? What do you want it/them to talk about? What is your target audience? Using this information, we can then move to step 2.


Step 2: Tell Us Your Specific Needs


Based on your requirements, we then discuss your specific needs and your budget.


Step 3: Confirm Your Topic(s)


Before our team can get to action, you need to confirm your topic/topics and other details of your white paper. Details such as SEO guidelines, brand voice and guidelines, and other requirements will be required. We then discuss the invoice before we get to work.


Step 4: Get High-Quality White Papers


Depending on the deadline and other terms of our agreement, we send you your expertly written white paper(s). You check the quality of our writing and decide whether we met all your requirements.

If you have anything that needs to be changed, you send them back with your instructions, and our team will make the changes. Once you are satisfied, you can then publish them for your audience.


Hire Professional White Paper Writing Services Today!


If you want informative, high-quality white papers written, you can rely on Zoey Writers to deliver “pure gold.” Our team of highly skilled and experienced writers will craft the kind of content that attracts potential customers and turns them into repeat customers.


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