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Zoey Writers, your single professional copywriting source that knows your voice, entices your target audience, and scales with you to achieve your goals.


Persuasive, Timeless Copywriting Services


Tired of unpolished, messy copywriters that turn your beautiful site into a sloppy,bo-ooring one? Engage Zoey writers now to get a strong copy that attracts and converts.


Zoey copywriters study the age-old principles of human psychology to know what works and what doesn't. We know how to weave inspiration, clarity, and eloquence into every work. All our copies have a single aim: To drive the readers to take action fast. 


We have industry-focused writers who excel in nailing any subject matter, style, and tone. So you can count on us to produce timely copy that speaks directly to your target audience and skyrockets commercial results



What You Get


Throw any copywriting task at us, and we will deliver nothing but gold. From eBooks to blog posts, email copy to social media content, Zoey copywriters run the gamut. 


We craft TOFU (top-of-the-funnel) assets focused on boosting your brand awareness and search engine ranking, MOFU (middle-of-the-funnel) articles to nurture your leads, and BOFU (bottom-of-the-funnel) to convert more leads into actual customers. 


TOFU, MOFU, BOFU-- we know that sounds a lot like some Chinese lingo, but we know our stuff. 


A lot of care and time goes into hiring top-in-class professionals with exemplary skills. All of them are experienced in creating a business copy in niche verticals. 



Newsletter Copywriting Services


Update your customers about your brand or products through email, and they'll keep coming back for more. Email newsletters help you stay on top of mind while gently enticing potential customers down the sales funnel. 



But you need to use the right words at the right time to take your engagement game a notch higher. That's what our copywriters do. 


Tired of email cookie cutters that dish out newsletters that almost sound the same? Show them the door and usher us in.


At Zoey, it's our business to understand yours. Our copywriters start by studying your subscriber demographics to pinpoint your target audience. After creating appropriate personas, your copywriter will craft an entirely original copy or a newsletter that incorporates the current content marketing assets. 


Rest assured every newsletter will be customized to your target audience and encourage higher web traffic to your landing pages. The newsletters will entice your specific audience, drive higher open, click-through, and conversion rates.


eBook Copywriting Services


Whether yours is a B2C or B2B brand, our eBook writing service will boost your MOFU content marketing efforts. The content will help cement thought leadership, skyrocket lead generation, boost brand awareness, and drive higher engagement.


Our copywriters can help you create an ebook from scratch or compile the copy from your blog articles and other resources. Whatever the approach, Zoey writers know how to make the text impactful.


From ideation to outline to final copy, Zoey ebook copywriting services will zero in on ensuring every sentence is concise while meeting specific commercial objectives.



White Paper Content Writing Services


You're a thought-leader in your industry. Let your target audience know that. White papers allow you to dive deeper into industry topics and research.


Let's help you cement credibility through high-quality, compelling whitepapers. Expect more downloads of the whitepapers. The result is increased lead generation that you can easily convert into actual customers and sales!


Zoey's whitepaper copywriting team will work with your internal team all the way to ensure the topics resonate with your audience. Expect the content to wow readers and help you meet your commercial goals. 


We don't stop at incorporating your marketplace expertise. Our team will go beyond and research the current (not outdated) data and analysis from authoritative sources. 



Website Copy


Every single day is a witness to the narrowing attention span.. A brilliant website copy will help you cut through the clutter.


Work with Zoey copywriters, and your copy will roar above the noise. You'll get a fresh perspective and understand the exact expectations of your target audience—no more guesswork.


The pen of our experienced Zoey professional will communicate your business services in a way that an average consumer understands. We keep things simple yet powerful and persuasive.


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Blog Copy


Your brand is facing cut-throat competition online. Paid ads are gulping your marketing dollars and offering just short-term results. What's the answer to this headache? Add blogging to your marketing arsenal. 


Blog like a pro, and your brand will stand out from the pack in the long run. An updated and optimized blog makes Google and humans happy. More people will discover your brand and click through to your website for solutions to their pain points.


Blogging is another excellent way of establishing your thought leadership in your industry. Also, you can repurpose a blog article across your social media, hence killing two birds with one stone.


But if your plate is already packed with other equally crucial things, your blog can quickly accumulate cobwebs. That's why you need blog copywriters.


At Zoey, blogging is our true bread and butter service. We have a rock-solid process that runs like clockwork for every brand that reaches out to us. At the same time, we ensure every client gets a tailored service, all the way from research to writing and optimization to publishing. 


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Business Copywriting Services


Looking for experienced copywriters with the right industry expertise to write compelling copy? Zoey is their home.


You don't want just any writer. You want a writer who knows the intricacies of your specific verticals. 


All Zoey content writers are also exemplary copywriters. Apart from having top-notch digital marketing and SEO skills, they take time to understand your business space inside-out.


We handle a range of industries: Law, healthcare, finance, technology, travel, entertainment, manufacturing, education, and many more. Our wordsmiths have an instinct for language and write in a way that your average readers can understand—no scary industry jargon. 


Whether you're looking for news articles, educational content, web copy, press releases, or something else, your expert writer can deliver it fast and competently. We incorporate tried and tested copywriting tactics plus industry expertise. 


Also, we can interview you to ensure we don't miss out on anything regarding your brand, value proposition, product, and service. 


Copy Editing


Feeling like your copy is...meh? A second pair of eyes from Zoey will make it stand out.


Let's evaluate your copy from various perspectives. We'll start by ensuring the sentence structure, grammar, spelling, and other technical elements are sound. 


Our team will also review it from a marketing point of view. We will then weave in proven tactics to ensure your copy evokes the response that you desire.  


Why Clients Trust Zoey Copywriters


1. Master copywriters


All our professionals are highly-skilled post-graduates. Their unmatched passion for copywriting drives them to handle multiple projects in diverse industries. So expect a unique voice and angle in every piece of content from us. 


2. 100% original and Unique Copy


Quality is everything. Zoey writers understand that for Google and human readers to take you seriously, your content should be 100% original and unique. No spinning. No plagiarism. No BS. We research every topic thoroughly to produce content that's not found elsewhere.


3. Lightning-Fast Turnarounds

Need high-quality copy written? You'll get it in time, every time. Our maximum turnaround time is 5 days. Once we commit ourselves to work, consider it done. And the final copy will be highly customized to suit your needs.


4. Affordable Rates

High-quality copy at pocket-friendly prices. Sounds like a pipe dream? Hire Zoey writers, and you'll get the best of both worlds. Our stellar copywriting services will leave both you and your pockets happy. 


5. Prompt Communication


Ask any question, and you'll get a human response immediately. That's right. We don't dish out automated replies. Our timely, well-researched expert advice will help you quickly decide whether we are the right fit for your business. Also, we will promptly explain how our kick-ass services will help your business stand out.


6. Solid Experience 


Several years have witnessed us producing high-quality content for thousands of clients in diverse sectors. So we know what works and what doesn't. Furthermore, we have fine-tuned systems to enhance quick turnarounds, seamless communications, and top-notch quality—no need to hire a costly in-house team of copywriters. 


How We Do Our Thing


1. Do the Groundwork


Great information makes an excellent copy. So our Zoey team will work with you to gather all the information concerning the project, business, product, or service. We collect and organize these elements:

  • description, 
  • purpose, 
  • price, 
  • features,
  • benefits, 
  • competition, 
  • objective, etc.


2. Write


After gathering and putting things in order, writing now begins. We will:


  • Review all the information and choose those that you desire to emphasize
  • Brainstorm on the best headlines and subheads that turn heads
  • Write the body- We will explain each subhead and benefit like a pro, injecting our top-in-class persuasive skills
  • End with a call to action that drives more clicks through the roof..


3. Edit and Review


Our job doesn't end at writing. The team will edit the piece to ensure clean and crisp results. Zoey writers and editors are ruthless with their writing- we don't fall in love with it. Every word will add to the punch. 


Here’s what you get after editing:


  • Clear and to-the-point headlines
  • Attention-grabbing headlines that exploit human motivators (greed, envy, fear, exclusivity, guilt, etc.)
  • Subheadings that expand on the headline logically 
  • Facts-rich copy void of empty clichés.




Service Details

  • Copywriting

  • Description:

    Starting from $0.13/word. Written by a vetted expert content writer and proofread by savvy editors. 100% money back guarantee. 4-5 days turnaround time.